One iPad in the classroom

One iPad in the classroom

Good site exploring issues of only one ipad in the classroom. Interesting suggestion of having a class researcher role, where a student has the job of researching and explaining key learning issues.

Some useful apps from the site and other sources:

Brainstorming apps

Mindmash – (free) – note taking and brainstorming app

Popplet       – (free) –  brainstorming

Note taking apps

notability– (1.49) integrates handwriting , pdf annotation, typing , recording – could produce an e-portfolio on this app . Bought this one to test use of ipad for building student e-portfolios

Mindmash – (free) – note taking and brainstorming app

Corkulous– (free) – collect organise and share ideas

Corkboard in the cloud – (free) – post notes and images on a corkboard  ( trailing this for use in plenaries for students to comment on lesson)


voice recorder  – (free)

show me – (free) –turn ipad into interactive whiteboard and record voice over tutorials, share them on line

card sorting – (free)

lesson note – (free) good for making class seating plans






Animate it

I’ve been using Aardman Animations Animate-it App on my iPad as a plenary activity. A group of students will use the last ten minutes of a lesson to create a stop motion animation which demonstrates the learning that has taken place.

As a plenary it’s been a fun way of seeing how they present what they have learnt. It can also be used the following lesson to re-cap the progress we’ve made.

Here’s a link to the app page:

Useful websites for apps

Here is the link to Quizlet accessible from macbooks and PC products.
They have an app for iphone
Example of what I have created for languages can be found here:
Another app/software good for revision/flashcards but only available on MacBooks is Genius:

General iPad ideas – Clyde

Make sure you download ios 6 (from settings – check for softward updates on ipad), basically same software as on iphone 5, and with iPad 3 the siri works really well, as does the 3d maps and the speed of some apps etc.
In terms of in a class, the “dictation voice recognition” is amazing, so if you have a dyslexic or someone struggling to write technical words then they can do some work on the ipad by talking to it.