Useful websites for apps

Here is the link to Quizlet accessible from macbooks and PC products.
They have an app for iphone
Example of what I have created for languages can be found here:
Another app/software good for revision/flashcards but only available on MacBooks is Genius:

General iPad ideas – Clyde

Make sure you download ios 6 (from settings – check for softward updates on ipad), basically same software as on iphone 5, and with iPad 3 the siri works really well, as does the 3d maps and the speed of some apps etc.
In terms of in a class, the “dictation voice recognition” is amazing, so if you have a dyslexic or someone struggling to write technical words then they can do some work on the ipad by talking to it.

Hello world!

This blog was created to allow the Twynham Digital Innovation group to share ideas easily and store useful links. Hopefully it will be useful for other teachers too.